Monday, July 27, 2009

Meet Whiskers

We have two cats at our house. Spitz (Joe's cat) and Whiskers. We have had both cats about 13 years, but Whiskers is about 14 yrs old, Spitz 13.
Whiskers is named because of her white whiskers. When she arrived 13 years ago, she was scared of everyone and everything. When she showed up at the back door, we got a kick out of her reaching her paw up into the cup with food in it and taking some out to eat. She realized that this was a place for food and she stuck around. She used to eat lots of birds and moths, but not so much any more. She has decided she likes to be a house and lap cat and most of the time she can be found indoors.
This morning she climbed up on me to sleep. Since I was cold, I was glad to have the warmth. She likes to be up on our laps when we are sitting in the recliner. She will even meow at my dad, if he doesn't sit down fast enough for her.
She is still skitterish some, but is doing so much better. She doesn't like to be picked up and held, but I am working on that.
It is said that cats will bring their owners presents. Thankfully she hasn't brought a mouse. She has brought a large moth to my mother and myself. She plopped it down on the floor and looked up at us expectantly..."see what I brought you..." We had a time catching the moth to get it back outside.
Life has been an adventure with Whiskers. I just thought you'd like to meet her.

She just doesn't like her picture taken...

Sitting on her favorite chair

Spitz, Joe's cat

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