Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mary's Belongings (A Poem)

Mary had a little lamb
all fricassed with peas,
then a little lobster salad
and some energetic cheese;
A quart of hock to wash it down,
a taste of mountain dew - 
All those our little Mary had; 
and a little coffin, too.

I found this on a newspaper clipping glued in the front of a 1903 "The White House Cookbook".

(A comprehensive cyclopedia of information for the home by Hugo Ziemann [steward of the White House] and Mrs. F. L. Gillette; The Saalfield Publishing Company)

Thought it was cute

Dwell Refreshed

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Beginning Cooking Tips

My recommendation for beginners (for everyone, actually) is to always read the recipe through before even beginning. You'll know what you will be needing.

Next, gather all the ingredients & cooking utensils you'll be needing (bowls, spoons, measuring cups/spoons, pots & pans, etc).

Yes, this is a little time consuming, but having everything in reach means you won't be spending precious time searching for something at a critical point in a recipe. 

Happy Cooking & Dwell Refreshed