Monday, January 18, 2010

Looking back in 1991

While going through some papers last night, I came across a poem/song I wrote while I was in high school. It was mid-winter break (Christmas) and I stayed in Michigan instead of coming home. I was staying at a relative of a cousin of mine. It was quite late at night, probably around midnight or so. I was sharing a room with some of the children in the family and couldn't turn a light on, so I wrote in by the moon light that was streaming in the window directly over me. I thought I'd share it.

My life was shattered,
I was down in the dumps.
I couldn't hold myself up
and I was gonna jump.

Then I saw Him.
That Man with the nail prints in His hands.

A gentle tugging at my heart
came only with two words;
spoke from the heart...

Don't go.

As I looked in those sad eyes,
I saw love and compassion as He repeated...
Don't go.

I turned toward Him,
tears in my eyes.
I said, "I'm sick of this life,
I want to go."

Then He sat down and said,
"I can give you a new life,
just don't go, follow me."

My life has changed,
I'm thankful I didn't go.
With my new life and love I now can say...

Don't go,
please don't go,
don't go,
oh, don't go.

Dwell refreshed.