Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Day with Grandma

My grandmother is 81...82 in November. She is a little spitfire! When I say little, I mean short. She was 5 feet tall when I outgrew her when I was approximately 9 years old. In the years since, she has shrunk a few inches. She is now 4 foot 10 inches. I call her Grand Lady and Short Stuff...affectionately! She has been my best friend for my adult life and most of my childhood. She has been there for me through thick and thin.

It has been several weeks since I saw my grandmother due to both of our vacation trips out of the area. She left south the day I came home (also south, but from another state). So, today, I went to spend the day with her.

First, we went shopping...her for things she needed for her house and myself for items that are needed for our annual family reunion (which my grandmother help start, 34 years ago). It is on Sunday. After that, we went to a sandwich shop and picked up a couple of subs...and then we went home to eat. We watched a movie, "Amish Grace".

After the movie was over, she went in to lay down. I think, to save up her energy so she could wear me out later in the afternoon. The cable company is having trouble getting their lines fixed, so the TV view was limited. Then a worker came and was working and knocked out the little I had been able to watch. I thought about watching a movie, but decided to turn on the Wii instead. I played around with several of the sports games...bowling, tennis and baseball. Since it is only my 2nd time playing a Wii, I didn't do so well, but I picked it up quickly.

After grandma got up from her nap, she came back in the living room. She said she's like to play the bowling game with me (not the regular bowling, but the one where more pins are added each throw). So I set up for two players. WHEW! I now understand why people use it to lose weight. That has to be the best workout I've had in some time. I'm exhausted tonight. We played 3 games. Grandma won the first, I the second and she the final game. She also holds the score for the most pins knocked down, 722. My closest score is 535. Next week, when the reunion is over, I plan on spending more time with grandma, during the day. I will try my hardest to beat that 722!

After that, we just hung out more, and I played a little more Wii (golf) while we chatted. I finally called it an evening around 8pm and came home. Below is a picture of my 81 year old grandmother, playing Wii bowling...and winning!

What have you done with your grandmother lately (if she is still living)?

Check out the video here:

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