Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pet Peeves

Thinking about pet peeves.  Here are mine:

#1:  Not pulling over for emergency vehicles

#2:  Talking on the phone while in the restroom (disgusting to all and especially rude to who you are talking to)

#3:  Being told, after I've done something, that I'm not supposed to do something (eg:  not being trained correctly for a job and then being criticized for not doing it right).

#4:  People chewing with mouth open or talking with food in their mouth, someone eating noisily (eg:  hearing them from across the room and over a movie being on)

What are yours?

Dwell refreshed.

Engagement & Marriage

There are many resources for those who are wanting to be married, planning a wedding or married.  This is a list of links one should listen to if in the above mentioned groups (wanting/planning/married):

1) The Basics of a Christian Marriage
2) Praying Big for Your Marriage
3) Important Topics to Discuss during Engagement
4) Staying Pure during Engagement
5) Leave and Cleave
6) Making the Decision: Moving from "Do I?" to "I Do"
7) Preparing for the Marriage (not just the wedding)
8) Knowing God's Will for Marriage: Part 1
9) Knowing God's Will for Marriage: Part 2
10) Lasting Love: Part 1
11) Lasting Love: Part 2

For additional resources, click on the title above.  The website has many, many resources on all aspects of life.

Dwell refreshed.