Friday, July 30, 2010

Doors Flying Open, Left and Right

I've been praying some time for direction on the employment front since I've been off work. It has finally came together. Beware...if you are around me...the doors are flying open everywhere.

First, the opening of the door to apply for the position I accepted today. Girl's Dorm Assistant Dean, Study Hall Supervisor and Keyboarding and Computer teacher at our church's boarding school.

Next, the means...

a) the unemployment (which I had not received since mid-June) was reinstated after the Senate signed the bill a week or so ago;

b) receiving my unemployment claim forms and the unemployment check process only taking a couple of days, instead of the normal 5 and coming in early;

c) the school offering to help in paying a portion of the relocation costs.

The third thing I was concerned with was that I had already committed to house-sitting. In visiting with the house owner yesterday, she mentioned that her son was flying in from out of state and would be visiting 2 weeks, including the week she is going to be gone, and that relieved me of the house-sitting.

Now I'm heading east and so excited at the prospect!

Dwell refreshed!