Tuesday, October 12, 2010


The days grow shorter,
the nights grow cooler;
the frost is blossoming;
the leaves are languishing...
the promise of snow hangs in the air;
the geese are honking,
the fires are rolling;
the promise that cold is coming here...
each is a piece of a puzzle;
the finished picture states...
that over all...it is fall!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Thought provoking post: Being Unique

Today's post I hope will be thought provoking. After reading the referenced article (right click the title of this post and open in a new tab to read article), I have done much thinking and there are several things I hope to implement in my life.

"Christianity is unique and because of that uniqueness, Christians are expected to be different from those who do not know Christ."

What does it mean to be different? In what ways are we to be different?

In my life I attempt to remember this in the choices I make. I lean toward what most would consider a more conservative approach, however, after reading this article, I believe that I need to be more conservative in some areas of my life.

I try to be dressed modestly, but I believe there is room for growth. In my entertainment choices I know that I could do better. There is a verse that says we are not to allow sin to reign in our lives (body; Romans 6:12). To me personally, the area that I need to mostly apply it currently is to the area of entertainment. Is what I choose glorifying to God? If it isn't, why am I watching/reading/listening/etc to it. Even if it is just one point in a 400 page book or one word in a 90 minute movie, why should I allow it? If I do then maybe next time I'm watching a movie or reading a book do I say, "no, I'm not going to watch that movie/read that book" or am I going to say, "well, last time there was just one word and that wasn't too bad; maybe this time I'll just let it go again." Before I know it, I am encased in sin.

We need to remember I Peter 5:8... the devil walks about like a lion, seeking whom he may devour. If I give him one toe hold in my life, he will devour it and take it all.

A couple of other things along this line that the author stated is: "there ought to be an observable difference in the way Christians live - how they think and what they do," and "it is meaningless to tell people that Christ will make a difference in their lives, when there is no difference to be seen in one's own life."

Wow. I really need to evaluate my life and begin to make changes.

In the author's section entitled "It is a Corporate Concern" he addresses the concerns of the modern day church service. He states "the clamor for relevance in such churches has masked any sense of the true difference that exists between Christ and the World."

I have to ask myself, what is my hand in this? Is there anything I need to change about my activities in the church and it's service.

One of his final thoughts is the most provoking of all:

"When a woman dresses seductively to catch a man, we question her moral integrity. Why is it that when the church dresses seductively to "catch" a convert, we applaud its clever use of deceit?"

What is it that makes me unique as a Christian? (I am bought with a price [I Corinthians 6:20]; I am chosen [John 15:16, John 15:19, Titus 2:14])

How can I be unique in my Christian life?

(choosing truth [I Corinthians 13:6], choosing Philippians 4:8 [true, honest, just, pure, lovely, of a good report, with any virtue, any praise - thinking on those things])

Personally, I need to evaluate my entertainment, my clothing choices, my words (Matthew 15:17-20), my friends (yes, this is included...friends are influencing in our lives and if they do not live godly lives they will not be encouraging us to live godly lives.), what I do with my resources & my stewardship choices (not just $$, food, care of our bodies, care of the material goods that is provided for our use, etc is included here).

One final quote:

"[Christianity] is not just another religion, it is the only way to God (John 14:6)"

Let us be unique!

Dwell refreshed!