Monday, August 10, 2009

Hospital Visits

My grandmother is in the hospital. She went in on Saturday, 8/8 with chest pains. On Saturday morning, before church, my uncle, the one she lives with, called my mom to say that my grandma had been having chest pains all night.

I gave a prayer request note to my pastor when I arrived at church. At the beginning of the worship service, he announced a couple of urgent prayer grandmother being one of them. She had came to church and after he told her it was great to have her at church, she announced to the congretation that she was still having chest pains. I went out and found a phone; called my mom and uncle. He drove to the church and picked her up and took her to the hospital. Now, for those of you who don't know my grandmother, she isn't one to do what others want AND she has an extreamly high pain tolerance. She accused my uncle of calling my mom and I told her that he did not, that I was the one who called her...and I called him. I told her, nicely, that she had to go to the hospital. After one childish gesture, she walked out with no problems. She was in that much pain.

Come to find out she had been having chest pains for several days and was waiting for them to be over before she called the doctor. She has been in the hospital since Sat. The doctor's still don't know what is exactly going on with her. On Saturday, they thought a heart attack, but the test were negative; then she was tested for a blood clot in her lungs (she had heart surgery in May, this being the cause of the clot), but the CAT scan they gave her also came back negative for a blood clot. The ER Doctor admitted her to the hospital...she was NOT happy about that, but he and the family didn't give her a choice. He wanted her doctor to look at her.

Dr. Hoff (primary care dr) and her heart doctor both have seen her today and are putting her through a good deal of tests because they can't find what is causing the chest pains. After having a difficult night (called the dr at 4am to get medicine for her), she says that she is doing better tonight. Of course, being in the hospital, she is on pain medicine and oxygen constantly, so that is some of what is helping her pain. The doctors are saying that everything points to a heart attack, but the tests are showing nothing.

Hopefully they will find something quite soon!!!

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