Monday, August 10, 2009

Hacked ATM cards and Interesting phone calls...

I received an interesting phone call tonight.

The story starts several weeks ago while job hunting online. I found a work at home program that seemed legit. I read it several times before I purchsed the $2 information CD. Well, 3 weeks later I have this $50.00 charge show up on my bank account. I called the bank, found out it was this place that had hacked my ATM card and was placing bogus amounts on my account. I immediately closed that ATM card and I have another one on the way. I had to call back the next day because they couldn't open the claim until the amount actually posted. Come to find out, this charge came from Great Britian and so I was charged a "foreign transfer fee" in addition to the other amount.

When I called back, I opened the claim and my great bank has been so helpful through this. So tonight, my phone rang (I thought it was Jimmy calling me, so I answered). The guy started talking and after he said where he was calling from, I didn't say much. He kept trying to get me to agree to "work" for them. I told him I was not interested and that I had found something better ("legal" also...) and just wasn't interested. He was trying to get me to say that I needed help with my "business" that I was starting, but I told him I had all the help I needed within my family. When he again pursued and pressed why I wasn't interested, I told him that when I looked over the information it was just something I wasn't interested in and that when I had a $50 charge show up on my bank account, that just sealed the deal. I also told him I had already taken care of it at the bank and that the charges were was then that I heard it...


Yep...he had hung up on me. Good ridance.

Moral of the story....stick to legit...Ebay,,, Etc.

When looking for work...CalJobs (California), OfficeTeam,,, Etc

I've learned my lesson!!!

Dwell refreshed.

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