Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Everything and Nothing

It has been almost two weeks since I have posted. First my computer had a Trojan...from the same place that took my $$ (which was returned...thanks to my great bank!) most likely, which prevented my accessing the Internet. Since it has been fixed, thanks to my youngest brother, I have been working at getting some things completed. I never realized how dependant I have become on the Internet until it wasn't available. I am so grateful for a brother who knows enough about computer to fix things

I am so blessed not to have broken my ankle a couple of weeks ago. The water main in our yard was the culprit. The lid wasn't on completely and (at night) when I was walking across the yard, my foot slipped in and scraped up the back. If I hadn't kept my balance (angels working overtime!!) I would have broke my ankle. If my foot had been any smaller, it would probably have slipped in further and I would have fallen and broken my ankle or even my leg. I am so blessed to have just walked, well...limped would be better...away with a scratch.

The hole

The result

Today, I had a job interview...
Interview...that was a laugh. It was a testing session. What I don't understand is when the Employment agency tests me, why do I need to go "test" at the company...

Oh well, I survived it and hopefully I will get the job!


All three of my brothers had birthdays this month (this past week). Joe on the 18th, Casey on the 22nd and Jim on the 24th. Happy Birthday to them!

On the 23rd, our family grew again when my cousin had her first, a girl. She is such a beauty! I can't wait to meet her in person!

Congratulations to the family.

Dwell refreshed!

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