Friday, December 4, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Our family had a great Thanksgiving. It was a small year for us. We had approximately 45 people. My mother made 33 pies, we had 3 turkeys (2 roasted in oven, 1 smoked), mashed potatoes, dressing/stuffing, gravy, yams/sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, creamed corn (homemade by my grandmother, not out of a can), rolls and much more.

My grandmother insists on having a "program" each year. This year it consisted of my aunt, her grandson and a cousin reading/singing a poem book. Then my g-ma insisted that I play the piano, so instead of just playing one song, mom and some of the children handed out hymnals and I played while everyone sang.

My contribution to the meal was peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and pumpkin dip with apple slices and gingersnaps for the appetizers, rolls (8 dozen) and for the children, suckers made out of melted life savers, loosely in the shapes of apples and pumpkins. The little ones loved them and ate them before they even had dinner.

The food was great. I only had one stomach wasn't big enough to keep going. I had a piece of rhubarb-raspberry pie and ended up taking cherry and berry home. They were delicious as usual.

That night, I took my two young cousins, who are more like a niece and nephew in relationship with me to where I was house sitting. They stayed Thursday and Friday nights. I let them stay up late and sleep in on Friday. When we got up, we went to KFC/A&W to eat (chicken and hamburgers). Then we went shopping at the Dollar Tree. I even purchased a few items for their birthdays, and they never saw the items. Cool! After stopping at the grocery store for a few items, we went back to the house. We had pizza and gingerbread cake for dinner; watched a couple of dvd (George Younce [Cathedral Quartet] memorial dvd and Watchmen Quartet [Calif]). It was neat to see their responses to the dvds. We went to be early on Friday. On Saturday, we got up and went to church. There was potluck after the service. Both R & O were excited to be able to attend church with me.

Thanksgiving, one of my favorite holidays of the year, was a nice celebration extended through the weekend.

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