Monday, March 14, 2011

Wren Bay

Wren Bay

I was excited when I discovered Wren Bay; a book about making a house a home spoke to my heart. When my copy arrived, I eagerly anticipated finishing my day & curling up with the book. I wasn't disappointed!

The French influence in the book was a delightful surprise, from the fashions of the day to the delicious recipes included. Other books that I have read that included recipes only had one or two per book; having multiple recipes per chapter made this book a delicious read!

Each step of a homemakers heart is addressed in this book. Gardening in a home garden to feed your family and herbal care; learning and creating a daily routine; home cooked goodness & cocooning a house to become a place of refuge for her family. Wren uses her time of separation to settle in and create that haven for Devlin & herself.

The blessings book that helps Wren survive the separation from Devlin is an inspiration to anyone going through a difficult time. She choose to focus on the positive in her life rather than her separation. Wren also choose to focus her daily activities to what she had on hand...creating her own style of dress, combining parts of the latest fashions with "a combination of Sophia's sleek, comfortable style & the romantic fashion of Grace's day." Wren also uses that creativity to mold her home into a personal oasis. "It is the small, simple things that makes a house a home," she states.

In Wren Bay, I believe Clarice Fox-Hughes brings out the heart of the homemaker, evoking a response of "what more can I do in my home."

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  1. Oh thank you soo much Julie for this beautiful review. I am thrilled you like Wren and I hope she inspired you to find your blessings. Thank you, thank you!! Clarice